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Proudly measuring, quoting and installing the very best security and window roller shutter systems across Casuarina.

Dear Casuarina home owner

Worried about security or just want to control the light, temperature and sound in your home.  Our German engineered super strong virgin aluminium roller shutters will protect, provide privacy, reduce heating and cooling costs and allow you to control your sleep times.

This is especially helpful for shift workers and families with babies and toddlers or anyone wanting to feel more secure in their home.  

Classic Shutters are proud to deliver the very best product, installed with precision, offering the lowest profile rolling shutter boxes available, they can even be built in to not show at all in some homes.

Fill in the form right or give us a call to arrange a quote, roller shutter repair or replacement.



Dieter Bernsmann

Classic Shutters


P.S.  If you would like the address of some of clients in Casuarina or neighbouring suburbs please give me a call.


What’s next after putting on the best roller shutters in the world with Classic Shutters.

Firstly, combine your roller shutter system with a quality cctv security camera system and alarm in Casuarina from Austguard security for complete peace of mind and security.  

You should always ensure your side gates are of tall height and locked as well.  Set up a whats-app channel on your phone and get your neighbours on it to mention any security issues.  Even if just a few of you are on it, it all helps.  If your neighbour 5 doors up, gets broken into and they let everyone else know via whats-app, chances are you have the perpetrator on your CCTV camera.  You can send this footage to the local police station or at least to your neighbour to send on.  Your suburb should also have a closed facebook page for security or you should set one up.  It should be invite only.  Post any comments up here or video.  It is neighbourhood watch 2020 style.

Once your security is taken care of your home improvement and home values in Casuarina can be continued to grow by way of house and room painting, pest inspections - as no one wants their house invaded by termites or spiders. If you need some home renovations, we like Graeme K for small jobs up to 20K. Green infrastructure by way of mature trees planted to provide shade, habitat and all over cooling of the suburb of Casuarina.

Note - Tree laden suburbs increase in price faster than suburban dustbowls and suburbs with a sea of rooflines and yukkas. Yukkas have the name yuk in them for a reason as they are yuk to birds (they are from Mexico, not Western Australia). Plant a grevillia instead. Unfortunately, our developers and government rules in Perth seem to see an ongoing lack of care for "Green Infrastructure" and our outer and some inner suburbs are heating up for the fact we remove this "green infrastructure" and it never gets replaces to the same extent. I think Global warming is more from complete vegetation decimation across the world (though mass agriculture and population growth), this removes our earths natural carbon capture mechanism so we are producing CO2 and removing the world's natural storage. Anyway that's enough of a rant, haha. Plant some Western Australian bird friendly trees please.  Your suburb will be cooler and more enjoyable.

Please support some of my local friends above in business above and yes, I'd love to quote on your Casuarina home for roller shutters.  It's always at no obligation and we are very confident you will be impressed with the german engineered quality, longevity, low profile, quietness and attractiveness of our solution.