Are your roller shutters made from virgin aluminium or the poorer quality recycled aluminium.

Recycled aluminum has impurities in it which allow oxidization and damage to the painted surface over time.  Make sure you get your supplier to quote on virgin aluminium to ensure longevity of your roller shutters good looks.

Are your installers industry trained with a minimum of 6 years installation experience?

We’ve found that many companies will employ unqualified individuals to install roller shutter systems

If your Roller Shutter is not properly installed. excessive strap wear will result meaning you will need to replace your straps frequently over the life of the roller shutter. 

This can result in hundreds of dollars for each service call and thousands over the life of your roller shutter.  Our installers are highly qualified with 6- 25 years experience and we install to ensure your roller shutters longevity.

Do Your Provide After Hours Service?

YES. At Classic Roller Shutters, our 1300 559 660 number will divert to a mobile after hours on weekends and public holidays for any urgent issues. This is crucial if you are a business and your shutters won’t close properly making your business vulnerable.  We are available to assist with all problem roller shutter systems.

Are Your Quoting Manual or Electric Roller Shutters and Why?

Did you know that a manual roller shutter requires significantly more maintenance than a quality electric roller shutter?  While the initial cost of a manual shutter may seem cheaper, the long term maintenance costs will usually exceed a quality electric installation. 

Our electric roller shutters are installed with the industry leading German designed motors. 

We have systems 25 years old that have not required any maintenance.  Plus you can enjoy an easy to use system without having to work hard to wind up a manual system.

Do You Supply The Best Quality Or Do You Supply The Cheapest?

Cheap roller shutter systems will usually be made from thinner, weaker, poorer quality aluminium with impurities that corrode over time.

In addition many roller shutter construction techniques create a problem that causes shutters to get stuck in the roller shutter box and some will let lines of light through the gaps between each slat even when shut. 

We guarantee our shutters will never get stuck due to poor manufacturing during its lifetime.  We also use industry leading motors with proven longevity as opposed to cheaper Chinese imports with a dubious history. 

Our bottom aluminum bar is the thickest and strongest on the market and our rubber seals on the closing bar are also the superior choice as opposed to felt seals or no seal at all.  We provide a comprehensive 5 year warranty on all components and installation including the electric motor.

Does Your Company Honour Warranty Repairs in an Acceptable Time Frame and Do You Have Proof of this?

Unfortunately the roller shutter industry has been given a bad reputation by some companies who change their name and management every 5 years. 

While we’ve heard from many customers that they were given a warranty and assured of this by the sales person, we are often called to fix disgruntled customer problems when the warranty hasn’t been honoured in a timely manner by these suppliers. Make sure you get proof of timely warranty repairs before you proceed. 

We’ve been installing shutters for 25 years and pride ourselves on our reputation.

Do you mind If I Call Classic Shutters For a 2nd Quote

You deserve to know what your are getting for your money as it is a significant investment in your home or business.  We have been in the roller shutter industry for 25 years and a Western Australian family owned business for 11 years

By getting a quote from Classic Shutters you will know exactly how to tell if you are getting a quality roller shutter system or a cheap system likely to cause problems.  

Our quality competitors won’t mind you getting a quote from us and it will help you to get the best value whichever choice you make.

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