Security Shutters

Installing roller shutters on windows will provide additional security for your home or office.  

In addition to an alarm system and CCTV surveillance security shutters further reduce opportunistic theft.

Firstly, they quickly signal to anyone scoping out the neighbourhood that you are security conscious which means that it will be harder to break in, that you probably have an alarm and maybe CCTV.  It is also less likely that you will have high value goods lying around the house easily accessible.

Our roller shutters have a locking bar in the base which helps to lock the roller shutters securely into place making it very difficult to get through the roller shutters with spending substantial time destroying the barricade.  Then a window would need to be broken.  This type of effort would only be used by the police tactical response group to get into a drug lab.  And a doorway access would still be easier.

We customise window security shutters to size with a free measure and quote, we measure up correctly on site our first visit as our sales team are also our manufacturers and installers.  This means we know what we are doing.

When you are using roller shutters for security, you can enjoy various advantages. The obvious advantage is the outstanding security that the window shutters offer to its owners. If you keep valuables in your house then security shutters will provide great security against attempted forced intrusion.

The ergonomic designs of the roller security shutters, allow easy roll up and roll down functions using an electric motor. These shutters are easy to clean as dust and dirt stay loose over the surface. Moreover, the roller shutters provide extra level of insulation from sound, heat, and wind.  If you ever do need repairs or maintenance we can assist.

If you are searching for top grade security shutters, then Classic Shutters provides industry standard shutters in different varieties and size. The shutters we make are made of the supreme German made Alulux virgin aluminium material.

For security purposes, most would prefer to have metal window shutters. We have a good range of metal shutters that are made of aluminum or for industrial applications steel material. These are known for their excellent durability and usability. Depending on the style of your interior, you can choose window shutters in various colors and sizes. The shutters we sell are highly customizable for your needs.

Some of the special types of security shutters, we offer are powered by electricity and sometimes battery. These come with remote controls that make operation a breeze. Roll down at night and open while home during the day to let in the natural light.   On hot days or stormy days secure your home from heat, wind damage and intrusion by the press of a button.  But, if you like the old school type of handling, then we can arrange to have manually operated shutters. Contact us and get your free quotation or to ask any questions, no matter how complex or simple.