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Proof That Roller Shutters Can Protect Your Business

I found this news article today

"The men, described by police as "wearing dark clothing with face masks" damaged the sliding door of the main entrance, but could not break through the roller shutters."

Take a look.

What's the difference between domestic roller shutters and security roller shutters?

Security Roller shutters, are they just an illusion? Take a look at some of the difference between Domestic shutters that are for light and noise control only and Domestic shutters that are for light, noise and security control. 

What are the common problems that require repairs with roller shutters?

What are the 5 most common problems that occur with poorly installed roller shutters and how classic shutters can help.


Some Businesses will use high pressure sales tactics to get you to sign on the spot contracts, learn your rights as a consumer and about cases and how to spot the signs so this wont happen to you. 

Why Bunnings DIY Roller Shutters May Not Be Best Value Long Term

Looking at cheaper DIY options? Want to know if it is worth it or not - give this blog a read.

Cheap Roller Shutter Systems - Are They Worth It?

Window roller shutters have come a long way since the ugly aluminium coverings that protected industrial buildings and retail shops. Today window roller shutters for homes are in demand as homeowners in Australia want to improve the security of their homes. Some are tempted to buy cheap roller shutters, but it is not advisable. When it comes to the safety and security of your home, you should entrust with the best.