Why Bunnings DIY Roller Shutters May Not Be Best Value Long Term



Price is Only Slightly Less


At time of writing Bunnings do have a price range of around $645 - $1123 so it does start at a lower price than what Classic Shutters offers. However our Prices start at $899 fully installed so for $150-$200 more for equivalent sizings, you get our professionals to measure and install your Roller Shutters with a 5 year guarantee. While yes, it is a cheaper up-front-price for a box of parts than getting it fulling installed by experienced installers; For only a small additional price you get much better value for money and peace of mind. Not to mention any maintenance costs you may have to pay later due to failing parts in the first 5 years.




DIY Installation Vs Professionally Installed

Often you think a DIY project will be cheaper and easier, however things are always harder than we expect them to be. If there is any damage that you occurs while you are installing it's on you to fix it and it will extend the time frame of your project, making the cost that you are saving not worth it, especially if you have to buy additional tools to complete the installation.


Getting it done professionally is just the easiest way to go. It can be set up in just a day and the amount you pay covers all the installation costs. A professional job done by Classic Shutters means that your window roller shutters will be installed right the first time and that your shutters will last. It's also a lot less stress for you at the end of the day because all you have to do is sit back and let us do all the work. 




If you Measure Wrong - It's your fault - If we measure wrong - it's our fault

When it comes to DIY Shutters when something goes wrong that's your fault. When spending all that money on a roller shutter you really don't want to be even a millimetre off because then it wont fit perfectly. Then you have to pay more money to get it adjusted or possibly to get a whole new shutter system.

How can you avoid this? It's easy let Classic shutters measure for you for free because with our shutters we take responsibility if something is measured wrong by us, we will fix it for free.

Doesn't that sound like a lot less hassle and stress for you? 



Installation Issues - No Comeback VS. 5 Years on Site Warranty

Keep in mind Bunnings does offer an installation service however it is only available in Victoria so DIY is your only option if you are in Perth.

There is no expert is coming back to help you after you instal the roller shutter and if you do something wrong you either have to spend more money on getting it fixed up or spend more hours fixing it yourself and lets be real is that really how you want to spend your time? 

Classic shutters offer a 5 year warranty so on the odd occasion something does go wrong with your shutters that we installed we will come out and fix it for you.



Not the same standard and Quality


Cheaper is cheaper for a reason.


Often the material used don't last as long more are they are not as strong, causing you to have to replace your shutters within a few years vs what Classic shutters quality materials that are long lasting meaning you may never need to replace them. 


So What are you waiting for - Get Your Free Measure and Quote and decide for yourself whether our superior qulaity product and great service is better value for money.  Call Us Now on 1300 559 660



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