What are the common problems that require repairs with roller shutters?


We are out weekly repairing roller shutters that have been poorly installed or are very old and require some refurbishment.  While they last a very long time, here are the common problems we see.


Failed or malfunctioning motors

This includes the motor not working at all, Unusual noises coming from the motor and the motor stopping before closing completely.

Our technicians can figure out what the problem is and fix your shutters as soon as possible for you.


Dirt or obstructions on the tracks 

This one is a simple fix and often just needs a clean if it is just dirt, however there have been instances where the installation was done poorly and there is left behind metal shards or other obstructions on the tracks. In this case we can clean out the obstructions with ease. The Guides might just be worn and corroded in which case we can replace these fro you. 


Door only opens part way

This can be due to damaged proximity sensors or the down limit is not set correctly. Both these are something that occur from poor installation however are an easy fix for our technicians.


Buckles in the shutter door

This occurs from lower quality materials that can be easily damaged from weather. We can either replace the dented panels or we can replace the full system for you depending on your budget. 


Shutters not opening at all

This can be due to a range of problems from the motor malfunctioning to old and or rusted chains that can be causing this problem, once again this is something we can fix pretty easily for you. 


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