Cheap Roller Shutter Systems - Are They Worth It?

Window roller shutters have come a long way since the ugly aluminium coverings that protected industrial buildings and retail shops. Today window roller shutters for homes are in demand as homeowners across Perth and Australia wants to improve the security of their homes and control light, noise and energy costs. Some people are tempted to buy cheap roller shutter systems, but it is not advisable.  When it comes to minimising maintenance, maximising the safety and security of your home, and ensuring your roller shutters add value to your home and not the opposite you should choose a quality option.  It doesn't cost much more but will save you plenty in the long run.


Dieter Bernsman, a supplier, and installer of window roller shutters across Perth stated,”The cheapest is not always the best option when it comes to roller shutter systems. You should consider premium product over cheap roller shutters if you want to protect the safety and privacy of your household and minimise breakdowns.”


Keep in mind that not all roller shutter systems are created equal. Cheap roller shutter suppliers may try to cut corners by not providing everything you need or using product that will perform p oorly after a time. You might find a shutter system that provides good protection but doesn’t look good aesthetically. Then there are shutters that don’t provide enough security protection but are effective in blocking cold and heat. That’s why you should get advice from several vendors to ensure you get the best value for your money.  Don't be conned to make instant decisions by pressure drive sales persons.  Tell them you will get another quote and if their solution is the best value, they will get the work.


It is recommended to do your research so you know what is a value for money options in the roller shutter industry. Below are some of the things that you should look for in a roller shutter system.




Top Grade Material


Cheap roller shutters will use low-quality materials such as recycled aluminium that can pit and whose paint coatings may not stick long term. The material may be too thin so that they can’t protect the windows as they are supposed to do. Keep in mind that the roller shutters are exposed to the elements all the time. In Perth, our coastal climate means our near beach suburbs need to get a longlasting solution. The changing weather patterns bring a lot of pressure on the shutters with high UV and wind.


Aluminium is the best material for domestic roller shutters because it is a high-grade material that promises durability and long lifespan. It also retains its colour and shapes better compared to other materials. Cheap roller shutters use PVC in order to cut on the cost. PVC doesn’t provide the same protection as that of aluminium.






Cheap roller shutters require manual labour. This is not the case when you opt for German Alulux components for your roller shutter system. They are smooth, quiet, and user-friendly. Plus you have lots of options to choose from that will make it more convenient to operate. You can control the shutters through radio remote operation that gives you all the options you need in your hand. You can control a single roller shutter, or all of them no matter where you are inside the home. There’s no need to go outside to close the shutters.




Less Maintenance


Cheap roller shutters are made with low-quality motors and other parts. They tend to break down when you least expect them to. They are unreliable and can give you a lot of stress and frustrations.


When you choose the value for money option, you are paying for ease of mind. You don’t need to worry about the shutters breaking down. Plus, there is little to no maintenance required. The roller shutters will look after themselves. They might get a little dirty, and you need to wipe them down every couple of weeks or months.




Styles and Colours


Cheap roller shutters come in limited colours and styles. When you choose the premium option, you gain access to lots of colours and styles. You can easily find the right one that will compliment your home.






Protect Interior from the Elements


Cheap roller shutters might not be able to provide you with the adequate amount of protection from the elements of nature such as hail, rain or the harsh summer heat. Your windows will be vulnerable to strong winds, hail or falling debris during a strong storm. Not only that, broken glass windows can attract intruders to your home. That’s the reason why a lot of homes are targeted by burglars after a bush fire or storm.


Roller shutter systems allow you to control the amount of light that enters the room. That way you can maintain the right temperature inside the home. The right type of shutter can keep the heat out during summer and keep the heat in during winter. The shutters are insulated to make your home more energy efficient. Cheap roller shutter systems are not insulated, which is why they can’t properly handle the heat.




Provide Privacy


By limiting the opening of the window, it provides more privacy and security to your home. When the shutters are completely down, passersby will not have the chance to see what’s inside your home.






Better Security


Adding shutters to your windows will add another level of security to your home. Roller shutters can help deter potential thieves from trying to break into the home. They will think that it is too much of a hassle and will just move on to their next target.


Aside from being a physical deterrent, the window shutters also serve as a visual deterrent. Intruders can immediately see that you have them installed, and it will not be worth their time to try to enter your home.


Premium roller shutter systems lock into place when completely closed. Not only will those intruders not be able to see the screws once the shutters are closed. This will give you peace of mind at night, or when you are away from home.




Reduce Noise


Aside from privacy and security, roller shutter system can also lower your stress level by reducing the amount of exterior noise from entering your home. This is beneficial if the home is located near a busy road or if your neighbours have pets. A good window shutter can reduce outside noise by up to 50 percent.


As you can see, there are lots of advantages of installing premium window shutters in your home, instead of going for cheap roller shutters. And if you are looking for high-quality shutter systems, be sure to contact Dieter Bernsman. He can provide you with more information about German Alulux components for window shutters, and provide you with a quote for your home.



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