What's the difference between domestic roller shutters and security roller shutters?

Are domestic roller shutters secure or is it an illusion of security.


Domestic shutters are often not as strong as they should be, cheaper bands and materials means that the security is just an illusion. However with the right materials security shutters can take a large amount of impact keeping your home safe. 


What should I be looking for when researching security shutters?

  • Virgin Aluminium and german motors
  • No large gaps that a crow bar could be wedged into to pry open your shutter. 
  • Wind Clips or some kind of locking system
  • Manual lock on manual shutters
  • Non rust material





What is the difference?

The main difference is the material used. Using recycled or lower grade material such as plastic or polycarbonate (often used on commercial buildings but can be in domestic homes on patio areas) means that the shutter can be bashed in or lifted with a crow bar. If you just want to stop people from seeing into your house you can go with a cheaper option but keep in mind that going with cheaper, weaker material does mean you are comprising the effectiveness as a security measure for your house. 

Looking for aluminium material in your chosen manufacturer might not be enough check the coating and make sure that all the materials are used are rust proof. Rust will be cause the structure to be impaired and thus make it easier for criminals to get in.

For sure stopping criminals from seeing into your house can be a large deterrent if they want a easy break in however some criminals can be very persistent and the visual deterrent wont be enough to stop them. 

Wind clips - this is an aluminium clip that sits inside the tracks that once the door is fully closed locks into place stopping any type of attempt to pry the doors open, they were designed to stop high winds from damaging your shutters. Wind-lock clips prevent the curtain disengaging from the guides under wind pressure. Often cheap shutters will not have this kind of mechanism meaning opening the shutters will be easier for criminals, as well as wind protection.



So is it just an illusion?

In some cases yes it is purely an illusion, one hit and the door will be damaged to a point where breaking in is easy, or can be pried open with ease, however if you do your research and make sure to ask the right questions (see how 7 questions to ask your roller shutter installer page) then no it is secure. 


Classic shutters use the best quality materials and ensure the safety of your house. Talk to Dieter today to discuss the safety value of his shutters. Roller Shutters are the best form of window protection on the market. Statistics show that more than 70% of household intruders enter through uncovered windows. Classic Shutters, Shutters cover the whole window and have a special auto-locking feature, to help you ensure the safety of your family and house.

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