Fire Rated Roller Shutters Noranda

Protect your Noranda home or business this bush fire season

As we come into fire season in Noranda it's important that properties are protected and that we can help reduce any possible spreading of the fire. One way we can stop the spread of fire is with fire rated roller shutters, as a lot of fires spread from flying embers, they can fly kilometres away from the fire and cause more damage. If your windows blow then embers can get into your home or business and start a fire. With a fire rated roller shutter installed in your Noranda home or business you can prevent windows blowing, and if they do no embers can get into the building to cause more damage.

How to increase fire protections inside the property:

  • Fire rated roller shutters will help control the fire by minimising the oxygen supply. (for inside commercial buildings this is effective for isolating the area of the fire and containing the fire)
  • Contain dangerous fumes in your Noranda property.
  • Reduce the possible damage to surrounding properties.

How to increase fire protections Outside the property:

  • Fire rated roller shutters are very effective in preventing combustion of internal fitting such as curtains, drapes and furniture because they protect the glass from shattering and stop the heat radiated and magnified through the glass.
  • Stops sparks from coming into the house through broken windows
  • Not only do fire rated roller shutters prevent your Noranda property windows from blowing out they block the wind and they stop any debris that could be thrown around during the fire-generated winds.

Fire Rated roller shutters Noranda are rated up to BAL-40. Keeping in mind that no shutter is fully fire proof, this offers the greatest protection for your windows and doors. If you are concerned about how safe your Noranda Property is if there is a bush fire in the area then you can have a look at the Bushfire home retrofit here

Before you buy, check that your bushfire shutters comply with AS 3959 and are made from:

  • Non-combustible materials; or
  • Bushfire resisting timber as specified in AS 3959* or
  • A timber species as specified in AS 3959* or
  • A combination of the above.

*Australian Standard 3959-2009 – Construction of buildings in bushfire prone areas published by Standards Australia and as amended from time to time.

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